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Follow these easy steps to create your own itinerary and get a quote:

  1. Click “Private Tour” on Taketours.com.
  1. Choose the departure, travel date, group size and hotel.

Departure City, Start Date, End Date, Group Size, Hotel Level and Number of Rooms.

  1. Edit Itinerary:

a) You can create your own itinerary or use the “Recommended Itineraries” on the right side of the page; or you can also use the recommended itineraries and then edit.

Click “Edit” or just click “Day 1”

b) You can also click “Filter” to select your preferred recommended itineraries.

c) If you do not need the recommended itinerary, you can just edit on your own.

You will see “Add Destinations”&“Add Attractions”

Add Destinations: you can add different cities, like Boston, Washington DC and etc.

Add Attractions: you can add attractions in New York City or near by, like Wall Street, Time Square

d) Click “Add Attractions”, then choose the attractions you want to visit and add to your itinerary; Then you can close the window to edit Day 2.

       e) If you would like to visit a different city on Day 2, click “Add Destinations”.

f) Then click “Add Attractions” to add more attractions.

If you need to delete some attractions or destinations, just click “Delete”:

If you need to delete the day, or insert one day before Day 2 or Day 3. Click below related button. Also system will remind you rough driving time for a day. You will also need to consider the time for attractions when design your itinerary.

       g) You can also use “Recommended Itineraries” on the right side when you edit itinerary. The system will recommend popular tours. When you finish the itinerary, click “Save” and then you will need to choose your preferred vehicle.

You can also “Preview” your whole itinerary.

Please also consider your luggage when you choose the vehicle. You can also choose to have a tour guide if you need one.

  1. Quotation Received.

You will receive your quote once you have finished your tour plan. You will then have two options: “Save as Draft” and “Continue”.

Save as Draft: The itinerary will save in your account and you can use next time; You can also send a message to TakeTours Support Team if you have any questions regarding the itinerary or price.

Continue: Enter your detailed information and then give you another two options: “Submit your Request” or “Proceed to Check Out”.

Submit your Request: you will submit the itinerary without payment; and our travel consultant will contact you to double check the order details with you. If you have no problem with the quotation and itinerary, you can check out to finish the payment (deposit/full payment).

Proceed to Checkout: you will finish the payment and we will confirm your order in 1-3 business days. Please always double check the “Reservation Information” on the right side of the page.

  1. Order Status

If you submit your request, your order will show “Unpaid” under “My Bookings” in your account.

And later you can choose Pay Deposit or check out to make the full payment;

And the order will be in “New” status when you check out online directly.

If you have any question, you can send message to TakeTours support team.

  1. You will receive a receiptemail right after you pay your private tour. We will send you a confirmation email within 1-3 business days. After confirmed, your order will be under “Confirmed”status.
  1. Print out your confirmation letter and bring it to meet your tour guide/driver on your private tour day.
  1. Enjoy your customized trip!


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